Saturday, June 27, 2009

After taking care of the kids, one by one sick (flu, fever, cough and lost of appetite - signs and symptoms looks like H1N1) :-(. Felt tired and long time never update my blog already.

During attending Dr. Sue Jenning course last year, I was told that there will be a course coming up soon. I decided I would attend this course. When BOLD send email to me regarding this course, I just signed up without knowing what it is. I did not prepared myself when I walked in. I felt so lost when Alex asked us to form questions, and my english was very poor, being a chinese ed-student, and that made me scared to say/write out things. But anyhow, in the end of the e-learning full module, in order to seek for my answers I need to trouble them and I discovered that they are so considerate, they taught me alot of things and also gave me alot of compliments too.

I learned how to:
SKYPE - to online conferencing, send attached file, chat etc
GMail - to do usual emailing
GMail Doc - to do slideshare, doc sharing, presentation and etc.
GMail Calendar - to create event, so that my set-member will know whether we are available.
GSearch - to search for unknown, search and download software.
Wikispaces - allows discussion, get members opinions, idea and also info.
Blogspot - blog tool from google to input my thoughts, info learned, my journal of learning, for my added members to read and it have many gadgets.
Audacity - to record, edit and download my audio into Internet
Archive - to store audio, text, images, picture in the site.
Pando - for people to download large files and we are using it to download audio of online discussion and tutorial
Elgg - is a platform for us to do group discussion, input thread and etc.
Youtube - do upload/download video.
Slideshare - to do slideshare, doc sharing, presentation and etc.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Final Presentation

After the Small World Play online supervision, untill near to 12pm........ and the final presentation @ 3pm.
Send my daughters to drawing class and told the teacher that I would be late to come and pick them up....

Jo did the presentation on the slides, Hazel covered the summary proposal, Melinda did video taping using Camtasia, X10 host the conference and myself did audio taping using Audacity.

Everything went well as per planned, though we perceive some problem, but we all manage to overcome this. We are quite relax may be because Alex was not in. Priscilla was invited as our honourable guest. We went for tea reception prepared by JO.

1. How much will this cost the government to implement?
if the goverment had started the hardware and software aplication, the learning will be FREE

2. What initial investment will be needed in the technology?
The hardware, computer/ laptop, able to access internet, headset/micromipe/

3. What training would be needed for staff to start to E learn?
Preferable Action Learning. basic computer skill, how to do searching, install sofware, upload ans download file, sharing file , email, basic Microsoft skill

4. What speed of internet services would be required throughout Penang?
Wi-fi or land line would do

5. Will the government staff be ready for E learning? What are the skills needed?
In this globalization world with rapid changing in electronic technologies, I believe your staff be more or less ready, moreover human workforce need to equip with the skills in technology application to keep up todate

6. Do the government need to change a new set of server to cater for your e-learning?
No, preferable with internet accessable.

7. Will the staff need to go for long training - please specify the days of training so that we can plan to bring in backup staff.
No, just 2 days of briefing on Action Learning set and introduction of intenet application.

8. Can you send me the text manual before hand and let me go through?
It will be no text manual, it will all online resources.

9. You mention so many software application, if the government decided to purchase will it not be very costly?
Most of the mention software application are free online.

10. When can the staff reached their skillfulness?
when the staff able to collaborate, to share their idea, and used the technologies wisely, they are skillfull each individual have own learning pace and the learning of skillfulness depends on the competency, knowledge and skill that obtained

11. How to implement it? Which government department to kick off first?
Immediately after the briefing, and any government department can choose to go 1st.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mission Code Name 090612

Just come back from holiday!!!. Have refresh and recharge myself.

After go thru the email, Iling invited my to join in slide share. Therefore I accept the invitation and also join in the slide share.

Below is my testing of posting from slide share to blogger. I shall testing of "add MP3 audio to create a slide cast" and also "insert youtube video" for our elearning mission presentation.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Explore more on Elgg - Page

Previosly I loved to use bookmark in Elgg whatever I fell that I need to refer back. I already forgot that the maximum for bookmark display is 10. When I went back Elgg's bookmark to look for schedule for e-learning only noticed that it has gone ;-(.

I have forgot when is the coming online tutorial :). Went to Gmail share calender, seem that nobody was updated on it including myself. What to do now??

Therefore went back to Gmail to search for Alex's email on the schedule. I noticed that Alex was putting it in Elgg's Page.

After trying, I felt that Elgg's Page was very useful also. You may group your page with "Tag" like what I used for schedule (actually copy from Alex ;-)) and you may have sub-page on it. You may share your page with your group (friends) or public thru "access" and "write access".

I have to reduce my bookmark since it limited to 10 only and will use more on page.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Upload of Audio

Hi group,

I have managed to upload audio.

Try or any of the free podcast sites e.g.;

As what I have did, I registered myself with and then upload my record file. You may link or embed into your blog.

Testing to upload MP3 & Video

Upload of MP3 where the recording is thru Audacity
I asked my daughter to sing and using Audacity to record it. I save it as MP3 and upload it into "" and embeded into my blog

Upload of video from Youtube
I used my daughter's Yamaha JMC test to upload into Youtube and embeded it into my blog.

Wow!!!! I managed to get it done...... Thanks Alex

Ha!Ha! Ha! I show my kid that I can do magic.........
My kids always asking me what I'm learning about.......Therefore I show them that this what I learned.

Seach for audio to store online, so group members can try to download from there.

Try to use mind-meister to help to look for audio to store online......

  • Pandora - no longer allow access to Pandora located outside of US
  • Youtube - just for video and not for MP3

but still can't find it.......It's ok......will find it tomorrow